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GTR 4 and GTS 4

if you’re in the market for a new fitness tracker, the Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4 are definitely worth considering. Both devices boast top-of-the-line specs and feature a host of innovative features that make them stand out from the competition. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at each device and highlight some of their key features. So if you’re looking for the best wearable fitness technology on the market, keep reading!

What is the Amazfit GTR 4?

The Amazfit GTR 4 is a new fitness tracking and muscle measurement device from Amazfit. It is the successor to the Amazfit GTR 3, which was one of the most popular fitness trackers on the market.

The Amazfit GTR 4 is different than other fitness trackers in that it also measures your muscle mass and strength. This makes it a powerful tool for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to improve their performance.

The Amazfit GTR 4 also features a new user interface that is more user-friendly than previous models. This makes it easier for you to track your progress and obtain insights into your body’s performance.

What is the Amazfit GTS 4?

The Amazfit GTR is the latest addition to the Amazfit family of fitness trackers. This device provides users with a detailed account of their daily activity and sleep habits, as well as providing real-time insights into their nutrition and weight management.

The Amazfit GTS 4 is a powerful fitness tracking device that offers users a wealth of features and data. This device helps to improve your overall health and well-being by providing you with valuable insights into your daily activity and health.

Amazfit at its IFA event revealed GTR 4 as well as GTR 4 smartwatches as the follower its in 2014’s versions. There is no Pro design in the GTR collection like in 2015. These have actually improved GPS placing, 150+ sports modes, function Bluetooth calling and also standalone songs playback.
Strong as well as Accurate General Practitioner Positioning
The smartwatches feature industry-first dual-band circularly-polarized GPS antenna modern technology for exact positioning, unimpeded by environmental or multi-path interference. It said that this will be 99% as exact as handheld GPS locators and also supports 5 satellite placing systems at launch, as well as can be made use of to track real-time GPS movement. In future, users will likewise be to import path documents as well as browse them in real-time, directly on the screen.

Sports information can also be synced to Strava as well as the firm has additionally included adidas Running, thanks to the Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4-new strategic partnership between Amazfit and also adidas Runtastic. This will certainly be added by means of an upgrade.
The Amazfit GTS 4 can be found in Infinite Black, Misty White, Autumn Brown, as well as Rosebud Pink. It has a stylish gemstone-style crown. The GTR 4 can be found in Superspeed Black, Vintage Brown Natural Leather, as well as Racetrack Grey. The crown additionally includes red outlining and also tire-like grooves.
These have BioTracker 4.0 PPG biometric optical sensing unit. Improved to 2LED, the brand-new sensing unit accumulates 33% even more information than the previous generation, as well as– when incorporated with the watches’ heart rate tracking formula– lowers signal disturbance brought on by arm motion during workout. It can check blood-oxygen, heart rate as well as anxiety degrees, and also the one-tap dimension feature that checks these three metrics, plus breathing rate, simultaneously.
The Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4 upgraded Zepp OS 2.0 now permits individuals to choose one of two app menu format designs. The enriched mini application ecosystem has actually also included “Child Records”, which lets users tape-record their infant’s rest and also feeding times, plus 2 video games, in addition to the GoPro and also Residence Connect third-party apps.

Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4 Early morning Update feature can prepare users for the day by summing up details like the weather, schedule events, and also more. These can offer informs for abnormally: high or low heart prices, reduced SpO ₂ degrees and high stress and anxiety levels (which will lead to a prompt to perform the integrated breathing exercise).

Amazfit GTR 4 as well as GTS 4 specifications

1.GTR 4– 1.43-inch (466 × 466 pixels) AMOLED 326PPI display, Safety glass + anti-fingerprint layer + anti-glare bezel
2.GTS 4– 1.75-inch (390 × 450 pixels) AMOLED 341PPI screen, Safety glass +anti-fingerprint layer
3.Zepp OS 2.0, Assistance for Android 7.0 and also above, iphone 12.0 and also above
4.150+ Sports Modes, immediately acknowledge 15 stamina training exercises at launch, together with 8 sporting activities motions
5.BioTracker 4.0 PPG biometric sensing unit (supports blood-oxygen, 4PD + 2LED), Velocity sensor, Gyroscope sensing unit, Geomagnetic sensor, Barometric altimeter, Ambient light sensing unit
6.Water-resistant (5ATM/ 50 Meters).
7.Bluetooth 5.0 LE, Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz), Dual-band GPS & 6 satellite positioning systems.
8.  2.3 GB built-in storage space for offline music playback.
9.Microphone, Speaker for Alexa, offline voice aide as well as voice calling over Bluetooth.
10.GTR 4– Dimensions:46 x46x10.6 mm; Weight: 34g.
11.GTS 4- Dimensions:42.7 × 36.5 × 9.9 mm; Weight: 27g.
12.GTR 4– 475mAh battery with approximately 14 days battery life, approximately 24 days battery life in battery saver mode, approximately 25 hours of constant GPS usage in precision setting, 44 hrs in well balanced mode.
13.GTS 4- 300mAh battery with up to 8 days battery life, approximately 16 days battery life in battery saver mode, up to 16 hours of constant GPS usage in accuracy setting, 28 hours in balanced setting.


If you’re looking for a high-quality fitness tracker that won’t break the bank, these are definitely worth considering. GTR 4 and GTS 4 is new fitness tracker in market.

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