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Exploring Mac OS Big Sur: The Ultimate Review

Mac OS Big Sur
Mac OS Big Sur


Apple’s Mac OS has always been synonymous with innovation and user-friendly experiences. With every new release, users eagerly await the latest enhancements and features that will take their Mac experience to greater heights. Mac OS Big Sur is no exception. Launched as the 17th major release of Apple’s operating system for Macintosh computers, Big Sur brings a plethora of exciting updates and improvements to the table. In this ultimate review, we will delve into the key aspects of Mac OS Big Sur, exploring its new features, design elements, and the impact it has on your daily computing tasks.

Redesigned User Interface

One of the most prominent changes in Mac OS Big Sur is its sleek and refreshed user interface. The design language now follows Apple’s vision of a unified experience across all its devices. The Control Center, previously seen in iOS, has been introduced to Mac OS, giving users quick access to essential settings like Wi-Fi, brightness, sound, and more, all conveniently located in one place. Additionally, the Notification Center has been redesigned, making it more interactive and intuitive to use.

Safari: Faster, More Secure, and Customizable

Apple’s web browser, Safari, receives significant updates in Mac OS Big Sur. It boasts improved performance, making it even faster and more energy-efficient. Safari also focuses on user privacy by introducing a Privacy Report feature that shows users which websites are tracking their online activities. Furthermore, Safari becomes more customizable with a revamped start page, allowing users to personalize it with their favorite backgrounds, frequently visited sites, and Reading Lists.

Messages and Maps

Mac OS Big Sur bridges the gap between macOS and iOS further by bringing updates to Messages and Maps. The Messages app now supports inline replies and message effects, enhancing communication between users. Meanwhile, Maps has undergone a complete overhaul, offering more comprehensive data, new guides, and an immersive Look Around feature for a more interactive exploration experience.

Controlled Center and Widgets

Big Sur brings iOS-like widgets to the Mac platform. Users can now customize their desktops with widgets that display relevant information and quick actions. The Control Center, mentioned earlier, also plays a vital role in managing widgets and essential system settings, making it a convenient addition to the Mac OS experience.

Optimized Privacy and Security

Apple continues its commitment to user privacy and security with Mac OS Big Sur. The operating system introduces new privacy information summaries for apps available on the App Store. This allows users to review the data an app collects before deciding to download it. Additionally, the Mac’s system volume is now signed cryptographically to ensure that only Apple-authorized operating systems are installed, providing an added layer of security against unauthorized modifications.

Compatibility and Performance

While Mac OS Big Sur introduces an array of exciting features, it’s essential to ensure your Mac is compatible with the new release. Apple has dropped support for older models, so users with compatible hardware will be able to make the most out of Big Sur’s enhanced performance and features. With improved memory management and optimizations, the operating system promises a smoother and more responsive user experience.


Mac OS Big Sur is a significant leap forward for Apple’s operating system, combining powerful new features with a polished, modern design. The redesigned user interface, improved Safari, enhanced privacy features, and compatibility improvements make it a compelling upgrade for eligible Mac users. Whether you are a creative professional, a student, or an everyday user, Mac OS Big Sur elevates your Mac experience to a whole new level, providing a seamless and enjoyable computing journey.

Disclaimer: As technology continues to evolve, some aspects of Mac OS Big Sur may be subject to change through updates and subsequent releases.


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